Jane Eyre: The Musical

The Original Toronto Cast Recording

Music and lyrics by Paul Gordon
Additional lyrics by John Caird

Because this excellent CD is now out of print, I'm providing MP3s of its 18 tracks on this site as a service to fans of the show everywhere. (I do not hold the copyright to these songs, and I receive no monetary benefit whatsoever from the contents of this website. I ask that the site's visitors show the same respect to the talented artists featured on this CD. I encourage you to also purchase the Broadway cast recording, which is available through Amazon, iTunes, and all other major music retailers.)

A complete cast list is at the bottom of the page.

  1. Opening [3:26]
  2. Let Me Be Brave [2:25]
  3. Naughty Girl [1:40]
  4. Children of God [2:36]
  5. Forgiveness [2:47]
  6. My Maker [3:00]
  7. Perfectly Nice [2:59]
  8. As Good As You [3:53]
  9. Perfect Match [1:19]
  10. Painting Her Portrait [4:07]
  11. Secret Soul [2:51]
  12. Dream of a Child [2:27]
  13. The Gypsy [2:09]
  14. Second Self [9:28]
  15. Slip of a Girl [3:28]
  16. Farewell, Good Angel [2:06]
  17. Morton/A Silence I Hear [4:45]
  18. Brave Enough for Love [7:07]

Marla Schaffel		Jane Eyre
Anthony Crivello	Edward Rochester, Jane's Father
Mary Stout		Mrs. Fairfax
Elizabeth DeGrazia	Blanche Ingram
Sara Farb		Young Jane
Angela Lockett		Helen Burns, Louisa Eshton
Aloysius Gigl		St. John Rivers, Lord Ingram, Butler
Don Richard		Mr. Brocklehurst, Colonel Dent, Mr. Briggs, Old Man
Jayne Paterson		Jane's Mother
Nell Balaban		Miss Temple, Mrs. Dent
Frannie Diggins		Adele
Brooks Almy		Mrs. Reed, Grace Poole
  and, in alphabetical order:
Elizabeth Beeler	Mrs. Eshton, Diana Rivers
Beverlee Buzon		Schoolgirl
Beth Anne Cole		Lady Ingram
Bruce Dow		Henry Lynn, Dr. Carter
Lavonda Elam		Eliza Reed, Mary Ingram
Avra Fainer		Schoolgirl
Gina Ferrall		Miss Scatcherd, Lady Lynn, Bertha Mason
Toni MacRae		Schoolgirl
Ariel Grace Martin-Smith	Schoolgirl
Peter McCutcheon	John Reed, Frederick Lynn
Kevin McGuire		John Eyre, Vicar
Bill Nolte		Richard Mason, Lord Lynn
Jade Padua		Schoolgirl
Kelli Rabke		Georgiana Reed, Amy Eshton, Mary Rivers
Sharai-Ann Ross-Laney	Schoolgirl
Mark E. Smith		Mr. Eshton, Coachman
Danian Vickers		Schoolgirl
Jen Waiser		Ensemble

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